The renovation of the economic facility into the art gallery

Team: Damjan Pirc

Natural potential:
The man of the 21st century must be ready to learn from the nature once again, to live with the nature and to use natural sources with care. In a long range the sun is our only non-vegetal source of energy, the nature is our energy collector, which is used with care in the energetic cycle. Renewable sources of energy include all sources of energy, which are taken from permanent natural processes, such as solar radiation, wind, water flow in rivers and creeks (hydro energy), photosynthesis with which plants build biomass, tide and earth heath currents.

The potential of straw:
Vegetable fibres offer the possibility of the natural alternative of the isolation of the facilities. Their coefficient of the insulation can be compared with materials from other raw material of the same density. Their fire safety enables the undisturbed use in the segment of individual constructions. The cereal straw is unique in the area of building isolation with vegetable fibres. Appropriately pressed bales of straw are, in the combination of wooden framework and clay or lime plaster for the damp protection, an interesting construct of the modern healthy house.

The potential of rain:
The rainwater saves 50% of drinking water. Each of us uses each day almost 140 l of water. But luckily everywhere, where the quality of the drinking water is not important, the rainwater can be used without renouncing to hygiene!
The potential of wind:
Most people ventilate their premises by opening the windows, as they are convinced they assure a sufficient quantity of fresh air for breathing. For normal breathing the air, which comes to the room because of the un-tightness of the premises is sufficient. The sources of un-tightness are the openings at windows and outer doors, some constructions are also permeable to air. Conditions for such air alternation, natural ventilation, are the temperature difference between the interior of the facility and the atmosphere and wind. If the inner temperature is higher than the outer, due to a different density of warm and cold air arises a certain pressure difference, which causes the air movement.

The potential of sun:
The sun as the biggest renewable and for the man unlimited source of energy, is the biggest potential among all energy sources. The period which is coming to the end, is historically speaking marked with a very short, but at the same time very intensive use of fossil fuels. The period before us, takes us back to nature, and this return enables the technologic development. The photovoltaic is considered to be the most acceptable renewable source, distinguished by its modularity, dissipation, robustness, inaudibility of functioning, ecology and price competitiveness.