Litostroj City

Team: Damjan Pirc, Alenka Novak, Irena Ostojić, Vita Korinšek (City Studio)

Litostroj City is environment, nature and people friendly business environment that is recognizable, unique and innovative on real estate market in Ljubljana. It is based on the principles of modern concepts of managing premises, sustainable construction and energy-efficient systems.

In the area is promoted a sustainable mobility with bicycle arrangements with stop and go Bicikelj area, linking footpaths with public transport stations and facilities for recharging electric vehicles.
Facilities have a bioclimatic designed system that on one hand ensures a high level of energy efficiency and a pleasant environment on the other. In use are systems for exploitation of passive and active solar energy, energy of wind lift systems and heat pumps air-air. Vegetation in the interior of buildings ensures a pleasant ambience and also a natural air purification.