Re-urbanizations of the area of Rog factory in Ljubljana

Team: Damjan Pirc, Irena Ostojić, Vita Kotinsek (City Studio)

Rog: 6.800 m2
Tuba: 15.600 m2
Just as the site used to be a place to produce material goods, T.U.β.A. will tomorrow be a production environment for artistic creativity.

Concept: Form of the T.U.β.A. reinterprets the traditional concept of free-standing industrial longitudinal lamellas. It is converted into a modern design concept arising from studies of natural forms of biomorphologocal shapes and their self-supporting characteristics. The geometry is arising from a mathematical definition of a wormhole.

Interior: The interior of the T.U.β.A. is developing a new typology of the public – semi private - private space that allows various forms of social interactions. There are three basic elements: entry spiral galleries, public passage and spatial cells. Vertical spiral cores and horizontal promenade are fluidly stretching through the sets of activities that are placed in spatial cells, connecting and separating them.
Exterior: Membrane around the perimeter is composed of three elements: spatial pole construction, fillings - transparent foil and photosensitive elements.

Construction: Constructional concept of the object is arising from arc bridge design. The load-bearing construction of the building consists of three elements. Primary is a double space spiral which runs around the perimeter of the building and drops into terrain in two points. Secondary is a spatial pole construction developed around the perimeter of the facility and is woven into primary construction. Tertiary is a membrane, spatial cells dim. 5 m x 7 m x 3 m, which are worn around the perimeter and are mounted on the secondary construction.